How to be Good at Zombies in Black Ops or World at War

Comprehensive guide on how to be an excellent player at Black Ops or World at War Zombies mode.

Can’t seem to get the much sought after round 30 on zombies?

Well, fear no more, as in this article you will find various tips and tactics to reach your goals.

Tip #1: Play ONLY with friends.

The first thing you may be thinking right now is: “none of my friends are online!” or “none of my online friends are on black ops!” That is perfectly fine; just play solo! In fact, when using proper techniques, solo is the best way to get to exceptionally high rounds. Typically though, when playing with friends, 2 or 3 is the way to go, as with 4 people, there is much more zombies and you will lose earlier. If you play with random people, you run the risk of poor connection, possible inability to communicate effectively, and people who leave/mess up the game. This, of course, is undesirable, as games take a long time (potentially a few hours) to complete, and may ruin your multiplayer expirience.

Tip #2: Get a Crawler; scout the map.

Especially for new maps or maps you have not played before, knowing the maps is vital. For those who do not know, a crawler is a zombies with no legs. These zombies are slow and will allow you to look around the map, find various camping spots or areas to run in circles to avoid trapping. It also allows for knowledge of quicker routes to places such as the mystery box, the pack-a-punch machine, and perk-a-cola machines.

Tip #3: Use the buddy system.

Staying with a teammate is very important when annihilating a never-ending swarm of undead zombies. Teammates will be able to cover you when you reload, thin out a group that is surrounding you, and revive you if you are put into second chance by the zombies’ death slap. This will also benefit your buddy, as you can offer the same support for him, and trust me, its easier to have your friend kill some rather than leave the whole load on you.

Tip #4: Never EVER trap yourself into a corner.

Backing yourself into a corner with a horde of zombies running after you is a death wish. Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS have at least one escape route from the attacking zombies if you get overwhelmed. If you run out of ammo or have to reload, backing up into a corner will just end your game quicker. If you are playing with friends, then it will increase their chances of dying because they will have more zombies chasing them. If you have no choice but to retreat to a corner, try to find a small opening between the crowd of zombies and pass through it; but this is only a last resort. Never do this if there is any other options.

Tip #5: Conserve ammunition.

The majority of zombies games end due to lack of ammo. Always make sure you are accurate and do not waste ammo or shoot excess on one zombie. When upgrading a gun, one way to save ammo is to use all of the regular bullets up killing zombies and then upgrade, so you use every ounce of your gun. Unless you screen is very red (you have very low health), then do not panic and spray your ammo, because this is a waste. Especially if you have the thundergun, one of the special element 115 weapons, you should NEVER use a thundergun round on one single zombie, as it is a waste (note: the thundergun can kill up to 24 zombies at once).

Tip #6: Play on a moderately high sensitivity.

Both accuracy and reaction time are extremely important on zombies. Do not play on a sensitivity that you cannot control such as 9 or 10; you should probably use a range of 4-6. You should ALWAYS aim at the head of the zombies, which can be very difficult when playing on a sensitivity that is too high. However, you want to be able to react fast to a zombie that hits you from behind, so you need a sensitivity that makes turning around quickly possible. Personal preference will always vary, but a good medium should fit in between 4-6.

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Good luck!

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