How to Beat Astaroth in Maplestory After The Big Bang

The Big Bang shifted everything. Astaroth is not where he used to be. Some of the other guides are outdated. Read this guide to find out where he is now and how to kill him.

Right, welcome to my guide on how to beat the boss Astaroth after the Big Bang. First of all, since the Big Bang everything has changed. This means that Astaroth has also been moved out of the Dark Cave. Some of the other guides are out dated. Read on to find out the way to beat him now.

You need to be level 25 to attempt this.

I highly recommend that you get a long ranged attacking player to help you with this. The reason for this is that Astaroth can attack half the screen and repeatedly stun you if you are close.


Since he is extremely powerful, you should have armour with high defence. Your weapon should have a high max damage because he has about 180,000 hp. For your helmet you should have a demon’s helmet. I’m a warrior so I have Andras’s hat. It provides a lot of defence while giving out lots of power.


You should have at least white potions and use blue potions. Never let your hp go under 1000 because he attacks very fast. Always use your most damaging attack to speed up the fight.

The Fight

Once you are ready, go to The Remember in Sleepywood. Start the quest called For the Peace of Victoria Island. Go to any town and find the Dimensional Mirror. Click on it and a screen should pop up. Click on the button called Astaroth. Now if you haven’t already, switch to the server with the most people. Now create a party and invite people who come in until you have at least three people. Talk to the Demon’s Doorway to enter Astaroth’s hiding place. Now walk right until you see him. Now start the fight. Astaroth will attack with an attack that comes from the ground. Do not let yourself get cornered. The attack will keep on stunning you. He occasionally summons a demon which blows up half the screen and blasts you back. Just be careful and you should be able to defeat him.

After you beat him, pick up every items that he drops. Remember to pick up his weapons as well. Go back to The Rememberer to finish the quest.


5000 Experience

1000 Mesos

10 Fame

I hope you liked my guide on how to kill Astaroth. Happy hunting!

If I forgot or left something out, please write it down below. Also add some more tips on how to beat Astaroth.

Thank you.

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