How to Beat Shiva Sisters Final Fantasy Xiii Sony Ps3

In Final Fantasy XIII for the Sony PlayStation three you will need to battle eidolons to get them for your battle. Snow must beat the Shiva Sisters and then he will be able to use their powers. Read the PlayStation three Final Fantasy XIII tips below.

To get the summons of Final Fantasy XIII, you will need to beat them first and then you can claim their powers. Early on in the game you will come face to face with the Shiva Sisters. In Final Fantasy XIII the Shiva Sisters are the summons that can be called by Snow. In each of these battles you will only have a limited amount of time to finish, or you will lose. Follow some simple tips for this Sony Playstation 3 game to gain these awesome powers.

As soon as the battle begins, the Shiva Sisters will cast Doom on your character. What does this do? Doom will start a count down timer and when this reaches zero, your video game will be over. You’ve got to beat this battle before the timer reaches zero. Another important task to do in this battle is that you need to press the action button when the Gestalt gauge reaches zero. Take notice of this gauge as it is very important to this battle. This gauge needs to get completely full for you to win. This is how you win this Final Fantasy XIII battle.

Each summon battle must be played a certain way, or you will never win. This isn’t a typical Final Fantasy battle where you need to beat up the enemy to win. If you try and use physical attacks with Snow against the Shiva Sisters, you will never win. Change your role into the Sentinel Paradigm Shift. This is the shift you need to use to win this battle. By using the commands of Provoke first, this will cause the Shiva Sisters to attack you. Next you need to use the Steelguard command. When they are attacking you, you should be using the Steelguard.

Keep an eye on the gestalt gauge and you will notice that it will fill up as you are being attacked by the Shiva Sisters, and only while you are using the Steelguard. You can simplify the battle somewhat by also using the Autocover command. This doesn’t make the Final Fantasy game any fun though does it? Put in the commands manually and you will feel like you have more control over the battle. Watch when the sisters will put ice spells on you, and then your gauge will really fill up more quickly. These are the Playstation tips you need to win this one.

Remember that in each of the summon battles on Final Fantasy XIII, you will need to press a button on your Playstation 3 controller to actually finish the battle. Watch the gauge as soon as it is almost completely full, and the game will tell you when to press the button. You need to do this button press before the Doom counter reaches zero or your game will be over. If this happens, you will need to fight this battle all over again. This is how you beat the Shiva Sisters in Final Fantasy XIII for the Sony Playstation 3.

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