How to Beat The Elite Four in Pokemon Black and White

Whether you’re fighting them in the main game or the post, the Elite Four of Unova are a tough bunch. Get the skinny on thwarting them here!

Unlike past Pokemon titles, the Elite Four of Pokemon Black and White can be fought in any order when you arrive inside the Pokemon League. All have pokemon at roughly the same levels. Shauntal is in the bottom left tower, Grimsley in the top left, Caitlin in the top right and Marshal in the bottom right.


Beating Shauntal requires a solid dark-type user or one of the weaknesses listed below:

- Her Cofagrigus will probably take two hurts, and will likely burn one of your pokemon before it goes down – use whatever pokemon you like on it

- Her Jellicent is defensively potent, and should be targeted by an electric-type

- Her Golurk is strong but slow, and will crumble to water or ground

- Her Frosslass is really fast but weak to fire

- Her Drifblim doesn’t last long against electricity – though be careful about getting damaged by Aftermath when you take it down

- Her Chandelure is a pushover against water or ground


A lover of dark-type pokemon, Grimsley is mashed by fighting- and bug-type contenders, as well as the following:

- Sharpedo is defensively weak and falls to electricity in a hurry

- Scrafty is best handled with a flying-type, though be careful of Head Smash

- Krookodile will fall to water or ground without a ton of trouble, though be careful of its dragon-type moves

- Liepard is overall easy and can be handled by any pokemon with a high normal Defense score

- Drapion is overall strong, and best defeated with a ground-type move

- Bisharp is tough but slow, and can fall to fire (though even a fighting-type move without STAB will do wonders against it)


This psychic-type returning trainer is a pushover so long as you have either dark- or bug-type moves, as well as fire for the post-game additions to her team:

- Musharna isn’t too threatening, though Caitlin has a tendency to switch it out – be careful of Hypnosis and Dream Eater

- Reuniclus is a straight psychic-type with Energy Ball (grass), Thunder (electric), Focus Blast (fighting) and Psychic, so pick pokemon not weak to those moves if you lack dark- or bug-type moves

- Sigilyph is weak to electricity and not to bug, so adjust accordingly – and watch out for Blizzard and Flash Cannon

- Gothitelle has two dark-type moves and Thunderbolt, and so is similar to Reuniclus with more emphasis on hitting than on defense

- Bronzong is best handled with a fire-type move, as ground can’t hit it

- And the same goes for Metagross, though unlike Bronzong it can be affected by ground-type moves – make sure you take it out with the strongest hit you can afford, even if it gets your pokemon with a backlash


A fighting-type lover, Marshal is only easily beaten if you have a flying- or psychic-type pokemon on your team, as four of his six pokemon are strict fighting-types:

- Breloom is the easiest of the bunch, and falls quickly to fire

- Sawk hits hard with Stone Edge against flying-types and has Sturdy, so damage it for a small amount first before going for a full knockout hit – try to do so with a Blizzard or Sandstorm-esque move

- Throh defers to defense more than offense and isn’t likely to kill in one hit, though you’ll need a few turns to bring it down as well

- Conkeldurr is really slow, but also isn’t likely to go down in one hit – a psychic-type move is almost mandatory for an easy win, particularly one that hits Special Defense rather than just Defense

- Mienshao is fast and hits hard, though it’s defensively poor against flying-types and psychics

- Toxicroak is a pushover against ground-type moves, though psychic-type moves in particular will murder it

Have you managed to take down the Elite Four? Then it’s time to face off against the Champion, Alder!

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