How to Catch Kyurem in Pokemon Black and White

Zekrom and Reshiram are all well and good, but if you want the real draconic powerhouse in Unova you’ll need the icy Kyurem. Find out how to catch this elusive pokemon in Pokemon Black and White.

In order to catch Kyurem, the third member of the Tao Trio in Pokemon Black and White, you need to beat the main game. Do so first and you’ll gain access to the east side of Unova.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to hunt down some new territory. Head east from Nimbasa City, onto Route 13, and follow the route far to the north. You’re looking for a small rural city called Lacunosa Town where the people refuse to go out at night.

Once you’ve found the town, backtrack a bit until you’re down on the beach. Follow the edge of the beach to the east, then north. Surf along the water until you find a way back into the forest. Nearby you’ll find a cave; go inside, then make a big clockwise loop around the edges of the cave to get to the middle. Go out the cave exit.

You’re now in Giant Chasm, home of Kyurem. Head north through the tall grass – this place is great for leveling, coincidentally, as the pokemon are all really strong – and make your way to the rough center of the chasm. You’ll see a small pond, and when you get too close the area will be enveloped in snow and ice.

After the chasm is covered, go straight north. You’ll find a small cave, and Kyurem’s waiting for you. Save and challenge it to a fight. Ideally you’ll want to tackle this sucker with a powerful steel-type that can withstand hard hits, as Kyurem is a dragon- and ice-type that can hit really bloody hard. It’s not a pushover to catch like Reshiram or Zekrom, either, so expect a long fight. (This thing is a good candidate for the Master Ball.)

Once you’ve snagged Kyurem you’ll find that Giant Chasm has gone back to normal. You can jump down cliffs to leave or simply Fly back. Make sure to use Strength to push the giant boulders into place to create a path back here if you walk, as Giant Chasm is good for Elite Four prep.

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