How to Catch Terrakion in Pokemon Black and White

Looking for the second (or third) member of the Musketeer Trio in Pokemon Black and White? Look no further than this article for snagging Terrakion!

In order to get Terrakion in Pokemon Black and White, you have another task to complete first: catching Cobalion, the first of the Musketeer Trio. You must do the following to get Cobalion:

- Fly to Driftveil City with a team of pokemon that have Surf, Flash, Strength and False Swipe

- Go north of the city, towards Chargestone Cave, and Surf from the bridges on the route to find Mistralton Cave

- Enter, proceed to the top using Flash to light the way and Strength to move rocks, then catch Cobalion at the top

Once you have Cobalion you’ll unlock Terrakion elsewhere in the world. If you’ve already gotten to the Pokemon League, Fly there and go down into Victory Road; otherwise, proceed all the way to the end of Victory Road once you get that far, restore yourself at the Pokemon League and turn back. Terrakion is right near the exit, at a junction of paths connected via a moveable stone. Terrakion is down the left corridor.

Once you face Terrakion you’ll have a decent fight on your hands, as it can hit really hard with its Sacred Sword. Keep dark- and normal-types away from it at all costs as whittle its hit points down with False Swipe. Then start chucking Ultra Balls and try to catch it.

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