How to Catch Tornadus in Pokemon Black and White

Want to get a dose of flying-type legendary fury on your Pokemon team? Find out how to catch Tornadus in Pokemon Black and White!

Tornadus is a Pokemon Black-exclusive pokemon, replaced by Thundurus in Pokemon White. You need to do the following to unlock and snag it in your copy of Pokemon Black:

1.) Get the eight gym badges of Unova. This is just a matter of time.

2.) You’ll hear of a crazy storm on Route 7, north of Mistralton Town. Fly back there and proceed north along the route until you’re stopped out front of the second house you see by an old woman. She’ll force you to come inside, out of the storm.

3.) Once inside, you’ll hear of a pokemon that likes to wreak havoc and destroy crops, and when you leave you’ll briefly see Tornadus. The old woman will tell you that it moves around south Unova during the day and north Unova at night.

4.) Head to a guard house between two routes, regardless of the time of day, and look at the bulletin board. After a few seconds it will note that there’s a freak storm on a distant, or perhaps close-by, route.

5.) Fly to that route. You won’t find a storm waiting, as Thundurus will have moved. Go to the closest guard house on either side of the route.

6.) Move in and out of the guard house. This will move Tornadus back and forth between routes, eventually bringing it to your chosen route.

7.) Put a Max Repel on your pokemon wander out into the long grass. When the storm gets to its fiercest point, Tornadus will appear for a brawl.

8.) Use Mean Look to keep Thundurus from running, a staple of roaming pokemon, then lower its HP with False Swipe. Once Tornadus is as weak as it’s going to get, throw Poke Balls until you grab it. Work quickly, as Tornadus will knock itself out with Struggle if it runs out of moves.

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  1. Matin
    Posted May 13, 2011 at 6:08 am

    yo if you want to catch tornadus in white you have to trade for it duh as if you can catch tornadus in white cause i dont know but some how i caught reshiram and zekrom in white lv 100 moves reshiram:blue fire or flare,fusion flare,fire blast and dragon tail.Zekrom:bolt strike,fusion bolt really awsome,thunder and fly.

  2. Posted June 26, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    ummm i watched a video and did everything in it and it still didnt work! i have black and it just wont do it! i went to the fertility shrine and and the people arent there… what do i do?

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