How to Catch Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in Pokemon Black and White

A trio of genies with incredible power, Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus are not easy to catch. Find out how to snag these elusive creatures in Pokemon Black and White!

In order to get all three of these pokemon – Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus – you first need to collect the eight gym badges. You needn’t beat the game to get the first two, though to get Landorus beating the Pokemon League and Team Plasma is a necessity.

Once you’ve gotten all eight badges, you’ll receive a notificaton from a passing walker that Route 7 is currently being subjected to fierce storms. Hop on one of your pokemon and Fly there, stopping in Mistralton City and going north. You’ll find the weather to be hectic, raining like crazy and either windy (Pokemon Black) or lightning-filled (Pokemon White).

Proceed along Route 7 until you find the second house in the wilderness. An old woman will come out and stop you, insisting you enter her house. Inside she’ll tell you that the storm is the work of a pokemon, and when you go outside, either Tornadus (Black) or Thundurus (White) will be floating nearby. They’ll sweep off, and the old woman will tell you that they spend the morning in the south of Unova and the evening in the north.

Now you need to catch your respective legendary. This isn’t as hard as it seems, despite the fact that they’re roaming:

- First, they’re on the southern routes during the day and the north at night. This is a good start.

- Second, you can tell exactly which route by checking the bulletin boards in the guard houses around Unova. They’ll tell you where there’s currently a freak storm, the inevitable location of Thundurus or Tornadus.

- Third, when you Fly to said location, they’ll move – but if you flit back and forth between that location and the guard house they will, eventually, move back.

Once you’re in the stormy area, use a Max Repel to keep wild pokemon away from you and wade into the tall grass. Once the storm is at its worst, the legendary will come out to fight. Use a Mean Look to keep it from running and Flase Swipe to bring its HP down, then start chucking Poke Balls.

Once you’ve snagged Tornadus or Thundurus, you’ll have to a) complete the game and b) trade for the other pokemon, as they’re not both available in Pokemon Black and White. You need to get both of them on your team to get Landorus. Hopefully you have a friend you can trust – or both copies of the game.

When both are on your team, proceed onto Route 13 and wander along it until you reach either White Forest or Black City, depending on your version of the game. Then go north onto the next route and Surf across the watery parts to find the Abundant Shrine. Inside you’ll find a small area with several trainers and, at the end, a shrine to Landorus. Approach it with the other two pokemon in your party and Landorus will appear, ready to fight. Use the normal strategies to bring it down and get it on your Pokedex list.

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