[How to] Create a (Cracked) Minecraft Server

Im just gonna teach you how to make a minecraft server without hamachi.

I will start by telling you some things about minecraft.It is a quite new game and lately it has become quite popoular among the geek society.Even thought it is still in beta stage there are many new patches  which include a whole new bunch of features.Enough talking lets go to work

Craftbukkit Installer

By DrFilth
I have compiled this Installer in the hope it will help people easily setup a Minecraft Server.
This .exe includes a pre-compiled version of CraftBukkit with plugins and a portable version of java.
the plugins included are what i use personally and are subject to change.

Current plugin list

Current Version: Build766
This Supports Minecraft 1.5_02
I will be updating every second Recommended Build.
▼▼Download link▼▼


Step 1:
Download from the link above and Install.
Posted Image

Step 2:
Setup a Static LAN IP

Step 3:
Find your router model.
Posted Image

Now find your router model on Portforward.com

Click on your router model link
Posted Image
Click. and follow the instructions
Step 4:
Add your name to the Group of your Choice
Posted Image
Posted Image

And/or add your name to the ops.txt file

Posted Image
Remember ops have full control over the server .

Step 5:

How to enable or disable server functions.
Posted Image

Step 6:

Start Your Server by Double Clicking ‘Minecraft Server’
desktop shortcut.

Step 7:
Run Your Client, I recommend you use this one.
Enter your Static LAN IP in the multiplayer IP Area, Or for people
not connected to your home network they must enter your External IP

Step 8:
To stop your server type ’stop’ in to the terminal and hit enter.
Posted Image

I give Credit to the Bukkit Team For The Craftbukkit Software
kaishinchan For the icon included in this package
And each Respective plugin developer

 Thats all you have to do simple as stealing a lolipop from a baby :p  Have fun playing in your new server (any feedback will be appreaciated)

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