How to Defeat Darknuts in the Legend of Zelda

This tips article will show you how to beat the Darknuts in The Legend Of Zelda Nintendo game. These enemies are some of the most difficult. However, with a good set of strategies they can be easy to beat.

The Darknuts in the original Nintendo game, The Legend Of Zelda, are some of the toughest enemies in the game. You will never encounter them in the overworld, only in the dungeons. If you are new to the Zelda series, you might find that you keep dying when trying to defeat the Darknuts. So how can you beat the Darknuts?

Well, having the blue or red ring will help you. These two rings will up your defense. If you are looking for the blue ring, check out my previous article on exactly where to find it. This will help you in your battle.

One simple tip to defeat the Darknuts in Zelda, is to use bombs.

When you time and set a bomb just right, you can take out 2, or even 3 or 4 of them at one time. Bombs can be very effective in destroyed these tough enemies.

Another strategy you can use is the doorway strategy.

Go inside of a doorway and keep striking your sword as they walk by. You don’t want to go too far in the doorway, because you will go into the next room. So you need to be a little far out from the entrance, but no so far that the Darknuts will reach you. Now as the Darknuts walk by, strike them with your sword.

Try the block strategy to defeat them.

You can use blocks and half tiles that are in the room, to defeat these foes. Darknuts can only walk on the full tiles in the room. You an use this knowledge to your advantage. Look directly towards a Darknut and make sure you do it at a ninty degree angle. Now let the Darknut walk exactly into your direction. Now, when the Darknut is halfway between a tile in the room that is next to you, use your sword. You need to be hitting the Darknut in the side.

You can also use blocks to reach over and strike towards the Darknuts. Go to a block that is in the room and stand at the bottom. Now, as a Darknut walks across the top, use your sword to damage him.

Use these tips to finish off all of the Darknuts in The Legend Of Zelda.

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