How to Do The Ditto Glitch in The Pokemon Blue/red/yellow Games:

A fun and interesting glitch to perform on your Pokemon Blue, Red or Yellow games.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a cheat- therefore it doesn’t need any code or device to make it work.

The Ditto trick is a glitch, which can be exploited in order to use the “coolmove“, a very powerful pokemon technique.

IMPORTANT: read the warnings at the end of the article first.

Follow this steps to perform the glitch:

  • Get your cartridge/rom.

If you have the original game you’re going to need a Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance/Game Boy Advance SP.

 If you use a rom on your computer, “VisualBoyAdvance” is the best game boy emulator available (for free) on the net.

  • Start the game.
  • Browse through the list of your caught pokemon. Is there a Ditto? If not, you’re going to have to capture it.
  • Here’s where you can find it:

Pokemon Red/Blue: Routes 13, 14, 15, 23, Cerulean Cave

Pokemon Yellow: Pokémon Mansion and Cerulean Cave

  • Be careful when battling it: ditto can transform in the pokemon you’re using to fight him. Also, be sure to have enough space in your box!
  • Catch him. If you have less than 6 pokemon with you it will be automatically added in your squad. Otherwise, it will be send to your pokemon box. If that’s the case, go to the nearest pokemon center and withdraw it.
  • Put Ditto on the first place in your squad. Remember to heal it first, or it will faint during battles.
  • Head wherever you can meet a pokemon. Tall grass, sea, caves- just avoid trainers.
  • When you find a pokemon and the battle starts, you’ll see that Ditto has only one move: “transform“. Use it. Your pokemon will become the one you’re battling.
  • Check Ditto’s moves now. Does it have more than one? If he doesn’t, escape the battle and look for another pokemon. If it does, instead, “switch its first and second techniques”. You can do this by pressing “select” on your console and by choosing the position with the “arrows”. Confirm with A.
  • Escape the battle or defeat the pokemon.
  • Check your Ditto’s info through the menu. You will notice that “transform” has disappeared and no other move is showing.
  • Head to a pokemon center and heal your pokemon or, if you have it, use the item “Ether” (or “Max Ether”) on your Ditto, in order to recharge its PP (power points).
  • Look for another pokemon to battle.
  • When checking Ditto’s techniques you’ll notice that PPs are visible, but the name of the move’s been deleted. Don’t worry about this and click “A” several times.
  • At this point, there are several possibilities:

Your Ditto will use “coolmove” and knock up the other pokemon.

Your Ditto will use unexisting moves, such as “Dratini”, “Ash” (or the name you chose for your character) or “Ditto” itself.

The move could fail many times.

The move will work but will “freeze” or “burn” the wild pokemon, extending its HPs (health points). Should this happen, the wild pokemon will be defeated, but your game will freeze, forcing you to “reset” (turn off/on the console).

The move will work but in an unusual way: bunch of “9999″ will appear on the screen and the wild pokemon will turn into MissingNo. (one of the most well known glitch pokemon). There are few possibilities to catch it (your game could freeze), so your best bet is to escape the battle or defy Missing.No with another pokemon of your squad.


  • The Ditto which you will be performing this glitch on, WON’T go back to its normal state. To have a “normal” Ditto you will have to catch another one.
  • This glitch may freeze your game several times, but WON’T corrupt your data, sprites, other pokemon or anything else.
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