How to Fast-level in Lol

In this guide I’ll be teaching you how to fast-level in League of Legends.

Everyday, for your first day, play a 5 versus 5 Cooperation versus AI game. That way, if you are a decent player of League of Legends you will get the first exp bonus. To be realistic, AI games are the fastest way to level even with the experience penalty. Next, continue to play AI games so you will keep the winning streak. Eventually, the winning streak will grant more experience than the experience penalty received from playing AI games. Another way to maximize your experience is to actually buy the experience boosts. Although this costs money, you can eventually double or even triple your experience with the mentioned methods. This way, you will be level 30 within a projected rate of 2 to 3 months.

However, there is an even faster way.

However, this involves sharing an account with one or two of your friends. With your friend, you can establish a certain time for each of you to play at. This way, both of you will earn experience, taking the rate of twice the experience gaining. You must note this method is usually frowned upon, and the account may be stolen under pressure of a conflict between you and your friend.

Good luck. Although this requires patience, this will be worth the time in the end. 

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