How to Find a Fire Stone in Pokemon Black and White

Want to turn your poor little fire-type pokemon into a power house? Find out how to get a Fire Stone in Pokemon Black and White via this handy guide!

There are four ways to get a Fire Stone in Pokemon Black and White aside from trading for one with another player.

- The first method is to get one in Castelia City. Upon entering the city from the east, go down to the first dock that’s south of the entrance. The scientist here will talk to you regarding evolutionary stones, and if you respond that you want to evolve a Pansear he’ll give you a Fire Stone.

- The second method is to find one in the Desert Resort, a large desert area filled with trainers that’s roughly south of Nimbasa City, home of the third gym. Hunt through the area, beating the trainers – they offer decent amounts of experience, and you can use the doctor to rest – until you see a psychic. A little ways north of him you’ll see the Fire Stone sitting in the sand.

- The third method is to develop the Black City in your game by visiting the Black City or White Forest owned by other players. Invite NPC citizens from either the city or the forest back to your own locale to expand the population and open up new options. With enough residents you’ll find evolutionary stones on sale in the large central building of the city, including the Fire Stone.

Be warned, however, that this option is not open to players of Pokemon White. The White Forest offers extra wild pokemon rather than pokemon battles or items, and consequently you’ll have to make do with the two Fire Stones of Pokemon White or trade with somebody who has some spares.

- The last method is simply to get lucky while plumbing the depths of caves, as the random tile dust clouds that occasionally kick up can contain Fire Stones.

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