How to Find a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Black and White

Evolutionary stones have always been scarce in Pokemon games, and the new ones are no exception. Find out how to find a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Black and White for your lowly grass-type.

There are three ways to get a Leaf Stone in Pokemon Black and White beyond trading for one from another player.

- The first method is to get one in Castelia City. Upon entering the city from the east, go down to the first dock on the right. The scientist here will be talking about evolutionary stones, and if you respond that you want to evolve a Pansage he’ll give you a Leaf Stone.

- The second method is simply to find one on Route 6. Wander around the route until you see both a Parasol Lady and a Ranger on roughly the same screen. When you do you’ll notice an item sitting on the ground nearby. Snag if for a Leaf Stone.

Alternatively for this route, seek out the scientist who’s looking to get a glimpse of the four different forms of Deerling. He’ll hand one over once you have. (This requires moving the Deerling through the four seasons, so this could take a while.)

- The third method is to develop the Black City in your game by visiting the Black City or White Forest owned by another player. Invite citizens in the location back to yours to expand its occupancy, then check the store in the central building for new items. With enough residents you’ll find evolutionary stones on sale, including the Leaf Stone.

Note, however, that this option is only available to owners of Pokemon Black. Pokemon White owners, who have access to White Forest, gain extra wild pokemon instead.

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