How to Find a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White

The Lucky Egg is always a great find in a Pokemon game. So how do you find a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White? It’s easier than you think.

There are, in fact, two ways to find a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White, and neither of them are teribly difficult.

Lucky Egg #1

Your first candidate for boosting your experience levels is found northeast of Driftveil City, home of the fifth gym in Pokemon Black and White. After beating the gym leader there, head down the route to the west and north to the entrance to the Chargestone Cave. The gym leader will be there, and he’ll let you in, give you a TM and leave.

Go inside. Professor Juniper and Bianca are waiting, and the professor will reward you with your Lucky Egg simply because you’ve gotten this far. It’s virtually impossible to miss this egg, so count yourself lucky.

Lucky Egg #2

The second (and potentially more) Lucky Egg in Pokemon Black and White is found on Route 13, which is only accessible after you beat the game. This means getting to Victory Road, beating the Elite Four and trouncing both N and Ghetsis in pokemon battles.

After you begin the post-game and gain access to the east side of Unova, follow the path from Nacrene City that goes east. You’ll find all sorts of new (old) pokemon, along with tons of high-level trainers. Keep following this path for a long way until, far in the north on Route 13, you discover a small house where you can learn the ‘ultimate move’ for your starter.

Here you’ll see a man in a suit wandering on the beach, looking for items. Talk to him and he’ll give you an item that he’s found. Do this every day and you’ll get a new item. Among the possible items you’ll receive is the Lucky Egg – though keep in ind that it might take a while before you get one.

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  4. Kerry
    Posted January 30, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    I’ve gotten 15 lucky eggs from the treasure hunter, what I do is save before I talk to him, then turn it off if he doesn’t give me one, although, sometimes he gives me something better, so I’ll take that instead.

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    Too bad. I can only get the second one… I already past chargestone cave a while ago.

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