How to Find a Quick Claw in Pokemon Black and White

It’s nice to go first, regardless of Speed, and to do that you could use a Quick Claw. Discover how to find a Quick Claw in Pokemon Black and White!

There are, potentially, an infinite number of Quick Claws to be found in Pokemon Black and White – which is good, since putting one on every pokemon on your team, while not that great tactically speaking, is better than nothing.

The first method for getting a Quick Claw is quite simple, though it’s also the only one available during the main game. Proceed through the game until you exit Pinwheel Forest. As you’re heading through the guard shack you’ll see a Hiker loitering in the area. Speak to him and he’ll give you your only Quick Claw -

- that is, until you get the National Dex. Once you do you’ll open up a new opportunity for snagging this item: via wild pokemon. Though the chances are quite small, you can find a Quick Claw on the following wild pokemon:

- Sandslash, in Relic Castle

- Zangoose, near Route 11 and the grass around Village Bridge

- Sneasel, in Giant Chasm

Your chances are only about 5% that a wild pokemon will have the Quick Claw, so be prepared for a fairly long searching period, and bring lots of Ultra Balls along.

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