How to Find a Thunderstone in Pokemon Black and White

Wanna evolve your static-charged pokemon to new heights? Find out how to snag a Thunderstone in Pokemon Black and White!

As with the other evolutionary stones, there are two, potentially three ways to get a Thunderstone in Pokemon Black and White.

- First, find one in the Chargestone Cave. Shortly after you begin encountering Team Plasma grunts in the cave, you’ll discover one to the west in the first basement, sitting on the ground.

- Second, find one via Black City. Build up your population numbers by visiting other Black Cities (those held by other players) and inviting citizens back to your city. In doing so you’ll make your city grow, and the merchant in the main building of the city will begin offering Thunderstones for sale, alongside plenty other evolutionary stones. This method is only available to Pokemon Black players.

- And, third, keep an eye out for dust clouds that occasionally kick up in caverns. These sometimes hold items, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a Thunderstone.

The only other method to get a Thunderstone is to trade for one from a player that owns Pokemon Black and has an unlimited number thanks to their Black City merchant. Be prepared to make decent trades for the privilege, likely including some transfers of your Pokemon White pokemon gleened from White Forest.

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