How to Find a Water Stone in Pokemon Black and White

Looking to evolve some watery pokemon with the right stone? Check out this article on finding a Water Stone in Pokemon Black and White.

There are four ways to get a Water Stone in Pokemon Black and White outside trading for one.

- The first method is to go to Castelia City. Just south of where you first enter from the east you’ll find a small dock with a scientist. Talk to the man and he’ll tell you about evolutionary stones, and, if you say that you want to evolve a Panpour (the watery monkey pokemon) he’ll give you a Water Stone.

- The second method is to get one in Driftveil City. Look around the city until you see a lighthouse. There’s an item ball sitting nearby that contains a Water Stone.

- The third method is to develop the Black City in your game by visiting the Black City or White Forest owned by other players. Invite NPC citizens from either the city or the forest back to your own locale to expand the population and open up new options. With enough residents you’ll find evolutionary stones on sale in the large central building of the city, including the Water Stone.

Note, however, that this method isn’t available to players of Pokemon White. The Black City doesn’t exist in this game, replaced by the White Forest, and there are no items for sale in the forest.

- The last method is completely random: check the dust clouds that kick up in caves. Water Stones, among many other useful items, may be found in these clouds.

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