How to Find Bowwow in Zelda Link’s Awakening

After you finish going through Level one Tail Cave, its time to go on a little side quest before you go to level 2. If you noticed in Mabe village, Madam Meowmeow has a pet from the mario games. Her pet Bow Wow now has been kidnapped and its up to you to rescue him. Follow these Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening tips.

After you exit the Tail Cave and return to Mabe village, the two kids run and tell you that something terrible has happened at the house of Madam Meowmeow. Go into Mabe and talk to Madam Meowmeow and she will tell you all about her predicament. She tells you that Moblins came and dognapped her precious Bowwow. Now it is Links job to go out and rescue bowwow for miss Meowmeow.

Bowwow is being held captive in the Mysterious Woods. This is the first rescue mission that you need to accomplish in this Legend Of Zelda game. In most of the other Zelda games, the princess gets kidnapped and you need to rescue here. In this one however, no one gets kidnapped except for Bowwow. He is being held in the Moblins Lair. This is where you now need to go to. Return to the entrance to the Mysterious Woods.

You’ll see the sign that says “Mysterious Woods” at the entrance. From here go north for three screens. Now go east one screen and you’ll see two Moblins. Go north one screen, and you’ll see the tree and the place where Tarin was turned in the raccoon. Keep going north for one more screen. Now this is the location where you got the Tail Key. Now with the Roc’s Feather, you can jump over the holes. Jump over the holes and go east. Yep, this was the first Legend Of Zelda game where link can jump in the overworld.

On this next screen defeat the two bot enemies and the Moblin, and continue going east. Fight the next two Moblins and go east one more additional screen. When you keep going east the familiar Legend Of Zelda overworld music will be playing, and you will have exited the Mysterious Woods. Jump over the holes and grab the piece of heart. Now jump over the holes again and go north. Follow the path that is leading to the east.

On this next screen you will see an owl statue and the entrance to a cave on the bottom of a hill. This is the entrance of the Moblins Lair, and where Bowwow is being held captive. Get ready to use your Legend Of Zelda playing skills. When you enter, a Moblin with a big sword will come after you quickly. You can use your shield to deflect his sword with some defense, but this shield won’t give you 100% protection. You’ll get another shield later in this Legend Of Zelda game, like the others. Strike your sword two times to take out this Moblin.

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