How to Find The Seven Sages in Pokemon Black and White

Let the bad guys get away? Not a chance. Find out how to catch the Seven Sages of Team Plasma in Pokemon Black and White.

After beating the main game of Pokemon Black and White, Team Plasma will more or less disperse – but its leadership, the Seven Sages, will go on the lamb. Find out how to grab all of them below.

- First up is Ghetsis, who, technically, you can never find. Cross the Marvelous Bridge east of Nimbasa City, however, and you’ll encounter the Shadow Triad. They’ll tell you that Ghetsis is still running, and give you the Adamant, Lustrous and Grieseous Orbs before disappearing.

- Second is Sage Zinzolin. Fly to Driftveil City and check in Cold Storage, right at the back where you previously fought Team Plasma. Zinzolin is waiting, and he’ll give you TM01, Hone Claws.

- Third is Sage Ryoku. Return to the Relic Castle under the Desert Resort and proceed to the bottom floor. A maze has opened up in the basement, and within you’ll find Ryoku with TM04, Calm Mind.

- Fourth is Sage Rood. He’s waiting on the very west edge of Route 18, to the west of Route 1. You’ll need Surf to find him. He surrenders TM32, Double Team.

- Fifth is Sage Giallo. Head out of Black City or White Forest through the north exit, then go east on Route 14. Ascend the waterfalls using, y’know, Waterfall in this region and you’ll find him on one of the riverbanks. He has TM08, Bulk Up.

- Sixth is Sage Gorm. Proceed through the basement of the Dreamyard east of Striaton City to find him outside the ruins on the other end. He has TM75, Swords Dance.

- Last is Sage Bronius. He’s waiting on the bottom level of Chargestone Cave, and you’ll have to fight some Team Plasma grunts to get him. He gives up TM69.

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