How to Find Tm03, Psyshock, in Pokemon Black and White

Is Psychic not good enough for you? Do you want something more… shocking? Discover how to find Psyshock in Pokemon Black and White!

In order to find TM03, Psyshock, you first need to complete a somewhat monumental task in Pokemon Black and White: beating the game. This requires trouncing the Elite Four for the first time (they get much tougher on the second go through, as you’ll see) and beating Team Plasma for good.

After you’ve beaten the game, Fly to Nimbasa City and go east. You’ll discover a whole new branch of routes that will take you far to the north, where you’ll eventually find Lacunosa Town. Once there, backtrack east to the beaches on the nearby route, and Surf north around them to find a path into a forest near Lacunosa Town.

Here you’ll find a cave. Enter and search the cave in a clockwise fashion, then use Strength to push a rock in place near the entrance. You can now proceed down some stairs to a small exit that leads to an area called Giant Chasm, home to Kyurem the legendary dragon-type pokemon.

TM03 is here, though unfortunately it’s one of the last things you’ll find. Make a giant circuit of the chasm, traveling north and then clockwise around the edges, back to the south. Before you hop over the small jumps that lead back to the entrance, search the cluster of trees just south of the small pond in the center of the chasm. Psyshock is waiting in the grass here.

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