How to Find Tm13, Ice Beam, in Pokemon Black and White

Want to give your opponents the deep freeze? Learn how to find Ice Beam in Pokemon Black and White!

Though it’s a handy move throughout any Pokemon game, the TM for Ice Beam, TM13, isn’t available until the post game. Unless you have an ice-type pokemon, you won’t be getting this move before you have access to the National Dex.

Once you do, go to Nimbasa City and wander east onto the newly-opened paths of Unova. Wander north along the next few routes until you reach the far settlement of Lacunosa Town. Once there, backtrack a bit into the eastern forest and down onto the nearby beaches. Surf off these beaches and head north, around the edges of the forest.

Once you return to the inner portions of the forest you’ll find a cave. Enter the cave and circumvent it in a clockwise direction, using Strength to grab items along the way. Make your way to the center and exit into Giant Chasm, the abode of Kyurem.

Go north to the far wall in Giant Chasm, through the long grass, then head east. As soon as you go over a small jump, look almost directly south for an item ball. This contains TM13, allowing you to teach Ice Beam to as many pokemon as you wish. You can now continue on to try and find Kyurem – you’ll have to make your way to the center of the area – or simply use Fly and leave.

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