How to Find Tm24, Thunderbolt, in Pokemon Black and White

Who would want to fight fist to fist when you could just zap your opponent to death? Discover how to find Thunderbolt in Pokemon Black and White!

One of the classic electric-type moves that’s persisted since the first generation of Pokemon games, TM24, Thunderbolt, is a much-sought-after-move for any pokemon trainer with an electric-type pokemon. It’s a great all-purpose sweeping move that can come in really handy when dealing with the tougher trainers in Pokemon Black and White.

Can you find it in the main game? Yes, in fact, it’s not that difficult to find. Unfortunately for most trainers, it’s in a spot that’s easy to forget later on.

Once you have Surf and can use it outside battle, Fly or walk back to Nuvema Town, where the game began. Once there, head north onto Route 1 and look for a small beach on the left side of the route. Surf from head and head south – note that the trainers are in the 30s, so be careful – until you find a guard house.

This leads to Routes 17 and 18. Go through and take the bottom watery slipstream you find, once you have options, to find a large island. Proceed to the middle of the island via several ramps, then travel to the northwest corner of the island. From there, wander back east along the top to find slipstreams returning you from Route 18 to Route 17. Stay along the north as much as you can.

You’ll eventually be swept to a small, remote island, the location of the P2 Laboratory. Search the tall grass just south of the laboratory and, near a researcher, you’ll find TM24, Thunderbolt.

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