How to Find Tm81, X-scissor, in Pokemon Black and White

Want to beef up the physical repertoire of your bugs? Then you need some scissors. Learn how to find X-Scissor in Pokemon Black and White!

Unlike a lot of other strong, one-go-does-all moves in Pokemon Black and White, it’s quite possible to snag TM81, X-Scissor, well before the end of the game. It’s also not that difficult to get – you just need to have a close eye for details.

TM81 can be found on Route 7, between Mistralton City and Twist Mountain, leading to Icirrus City. You can technically collect it before you take on Mistralton’s gym, though the move won’t do you much good against the city’s flying-type pokemon. Just wait until you have access to everything.

Once you’ve calmed the rain of the area by climbing the Celestial Tower and beaten the gym, head back onto Route 7 and wander north until you hit a split in the path. Go east along here and past the route’s second house. (You’ll want to come back here after you have all eight gym badges, as you can unlock Tornadus or Thundurus, depending on your version of the game.)

Up the next ramp you’ll see a patch of dark green tall grass with some thin beams running from west to east. A harlequinn is busy running around the beams; challenge him by waiting in one spot until he comes around, which makes the next part easier. Once he’s stopped running, carefully make your way to the east end, where TM81, X-Scissor, is waiting for you in the grass. Grab it and you can hightail it out of this area.

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    Thanks, I was looking for X-scissor. My sister said it was an awesome move for Snivy!

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