How to Four Shot in Halo Three

A quick guide that will cover the basics of Four Shotting with the BR! Guaranteed to improve your Online Play!

In Halo 3 the online matchmaking is without a doubt one of the best features. It allows you to play to your hearts extent online with your friends or with complete strangers around the world in many different game types.

Online one of the most commonly used weapons is the Battle Rifle, which is often refered to as a ‘BR’. A reason the Battle Rifle is so popular is because it can be used to successfully kill your opponent with just 4 at a mid range. Being able to 4 Shot is a skill most players posses, and the only way to successfully evade their 4 shot is to strafe. This article will cover How To 4 Shot and How To Strafe.

4 Shot: To be able to 4 shot you first need to be able to understand how the Battle Rifle works, many people debate over it, but it is obvious that the Battle Rifle has a ’spray’. What this means is that apon firing the BR the bullets can tend to spray/spread out. (To Test this Theory: Go into a custom game on High Ground or Last Resort and shoot at the water, you can see from the splash the bullet spread) By knowing that the BR has a slight spread you can use it to your own advantage by predicting where your opponent will go, and shooting half to their body/head and half to the open area. (This will guarantee your opponent takes damage)

How To 4 Shot: 4 Shotting simply involves you getting 4 direct hits with the Battle Rifle. Most people think that to 4 Shot you have to shoot your opponent in their head 4 times, but that is a myth. To 4 Shot, it just requires 3 shots anywhere to your opponents body (To remove their shields) and one to the head. Some people find it easier to attempt 4 shots into their opponents head, but a good strategy is to do 3 shots at their chest/torso area and then with the fourth shot place it at their neck/head region. (Or drag it up from the top of their torso)

4 Shotting Close Up: Most people will find themselves at an upclose battle inwhich yourself and your opponent will be trying to kill each other. This is a very good place for the Battle Rifle as it can make a very easy kill. One method (If you are close enough) is to Melee (Defult button ‘B’) your opponent and then land a quick Battle Rifle burst onto their head and it will be a kill. This is because when you melee an enemy their shields will be destroyed, this is the same effect as the first 3 bursts in a 4 shot. (Tip: A good combo to use for easy kills is a Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle, charge your Plasma Pistol (by holding down Right Trigger) and then release it at your enemy, this will destroy thier shields, then quickly land one shot with your Battle Rifle on their head for an instant kill)

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