How to Get Free Money on Steam

Easy free way.

EDIT JANUARY 2013 PLEASE READ: The site I listed below is no longer that good for money making. If you really want to start getting a ton of money on your Paypal for Steam games I suggest the site SWAGBUCKS. Swagbucks pays you through Paypal or Amazon by simply searching using their search engine, which is basically just google. The easiest way to earn is if you have an iphone or android phone and you download the swagbucks TV app and if you just click a video on there it will autoplay videos and you will get swagbucks! It is extremely easy to get started and you can earn about $7 in a week so you’d be able to get some steam games pretty fast! If you have any questions just comment below. I would REALLY appreciate if you used my referall link for Swagbucks below, you get a small bonus if you do I believe!

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