How to Get Free Rp for League of Legends Online!

This will help you get Free RP for LoL without having to pay a cent! :D .

A lot of you might be asking, what’s the catch? Well the only catch is, is that you’re going to have to semi-work for the RP. But don’t sweat, if you really want free RP, then this should be nothing. I highly reccomend doing all or if not most of these methods to maximize the amount of RP you can earn.

If you don’t want to read the descriptions then I reccomend doing PrizeRebel in conjunction with Zoombucks, Rewards1, Triond, and Uploadee to maximize how much RP you can earn. Just trust me.

1. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is one of the most popular ways to earn RP because, it is a highly trusted site. All you do is complete different surveys/offers in order to get enough points to purchase a League of Legends Game Card: Either a $10 or $25 card. It is really quick, and you should be able to get enought points for the $10 card in about an hour or 2, depending on how badly you want it. ALSO, you can get other things besides LoL cards, you can also get amazon gift cards, X box live cards, Runescape cards, and many more! Go Check it out here!

2. ZoomBucks

Swag Bucks is a great site to use in general. I highly reccomend using this in conjuction with Prize Rebel, because this is more of a passive way to get RP, and requires a lot less effort. For Zoombucks you earn ZB (which is the virtual currency) by searching on its search engine, completing offers/surverys etc. It’s a great site in general because you can be doing both Prize Rebel and Zoombucks at the same time! (Killing 2 birds with one stone, and will get you that much closer to for RP). After you earn enough ZB, you can purchase UGC( Ultimate Game Card), which you can use to redeem RP, or just about any other game. (Or you can purchase a myriad of other great prizes such as amazon gift cards, games, electronics, etc). Click here

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    On the website you can earn free RP to.

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