How to Get Minecraft Premium Without Credit Card

Don’t have credit card but want to play Minecraft? Now you can!

By SeriousMen1337.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is 3D Sandbox pixel game created by Markus Persson aka “Notch” and now with his own made company Mojang. In this game you can do everything. From growing crops to build cities or exploring areas. Basically you can do everything in Minecraft, that’s why its so famous, you never get bored. Most of people don’t have credit card and can’t play minecraft due that.

How to make money online then?

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15 minute everyday = 20 eur / month. And It’s really working, trust me, this site is not scam and it is 100% safe.

Proof that is not fake –

Feeling lucky? Win minecraft for free here –

If you got questions, feel free to ask below here.

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