How to Kill Sullivan [Final Boss in Dead Rising 2]

Step by step guide (Sullivan) on how to defeat the final boss of dead rising two.

This boss can be very hard and extremely frustrating when you don’t know how to kill him, bullets hardly damage him and there is hardly any cover, especially after the holes get blown in the floor, and the zombies on the ground can get irritating. But with this method you won’t need to bother with the ground.

You should bring a heavy weapon to the fight, and some food / drink. I suggest a defiler, but a sledgehammer would do.

So first you want to climb up to the platform which Sullivan is on and then just kick him, just a normal kick, look in the menu if you are having trouble finding out how to do it, but I think it is RT + X.

After you have kicked him he will be stunned momentarily and then you can get 2 hits with a heavy weapon in, don’t go for the third otherwise he will attack you back.

Just keep repeating this and you will have no trouble defeating him.

Good luck and hope my tutorial helped.

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