How to Level Your Pokemon to Level 100

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Isn’t leveling a Pokemon to Level 100 every Trainers’ key ambition? This can show you how to make your ambitions come true.

First off, there is a summary at the bottom, if anybody wants to skip to that.

One of the best ways is trading. The old “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” philosophy works here. If you have a friend that has a Pokemon he wants to level up quickly, and you do too, trade! Trading provides a boost of 50% Experience points as long as you have that Pokemon. So, make a deal! If your Pokemon are about the same level, give them to the other Trainer and have him level them up. Just hold up your end of the deal…

If you don’t have any way to trade, or have stubborn friends, try catching a bunch of Chansey and seeing if they have any Lucky Eggs. If so, put it on the Pokemon you want to train. It gives you a 100% boost in Experience points.

For weak Pokemon, put a Exp. Share on them and try going through the Elite 4. A tip: Send it out first, then switch to a strong Pokemon to take the next attack. This gives the weakling 75% of the Experience Points gained in the battle, without even attacking! For reference, I call this the Switcheroo strategy.

For strong Pokemon, just run them through the Elite 4. This can give you another couple of levels, if your moveset is good enough. A tip: have backup Pokemon just in case your strong one faints.

If you are really desperate, try getting an Action Replay and using a hack. Personally, I do not recommend this, as this tends to give you weaker Pokemon than winning battles with it would. Try Googling “EV points Pokemon” and clicking on the second link.

The same thing is true with Rare Candies. They tend to give you lower stats. However, there is a way to get around this. Get Proteins, HP Ups, Carbos, Irons, Calciums, and Zincs and feed them to your Pokemon until it says “It won’t have any effect.” Then keep doing it, and when you go to a house in Slateport (in the 3rd generation) or Sunyshore City’s Seal Market (in the 4th generation) and get the Effort Ribbon, Rare Candies are safe to use.


  • Lucky Egg

    • Find on Chansey.

    • Doubles speed of Exp.

  • Trading

    • I scratch your back, you scratch mine

    • Level up each others Pokemon

  • Exp. Share for Weak Pokemon

    • Elite 4 w/ Switcheroo strategy

  • Elite 4

  • Action Replay

    • Weaker than Regular – Haven’t been trained in battles.

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