How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

Buckets are very useful in Minecraft for holding water, milk, lava and more! In this article I’ll show you how to craft a bucket in Minecraft.

1.  Mine three blocks of iron ore.  Iron is reletively easy to come across in Minecraft, however you will need to go quite far underground to find it.  Look for it in caves or simply dig tunnels deep underground until you stumble upon it!

2.  Smelt the iron ore into iron bars using a furnace.  You will need some coal, wooden planks, saplings or sticks in the bottom slot of the furnace, and the iron ore in the top slot.  Be aware that if you use saplings or sticks you’ll need a LOT of them.  If you use wooden planks you’ll need three or four planks, and if you use coal you’ll only need one peice of coal.

3.  Take the three iron bars out of the furnace and place them like this on your crafting table:

4.  Take the bucket out of the crafting table and you can begin using it.  Simply right click (or ctrl click) on a block of water or lava to collect it in the bucket.  You can right click again to place the liquid somewhere.  Right click on a cow to collect milk, which you can use to make cakes and other foods.

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