How to Select a Computer Game for Children

Although today the notion that video games can already be accepted by parents as a medium of entertainment and education for their children does not mean that parents let their children entirely to play the game.

Many games on the market today contain many scenes of violence, offensive language, and even excessive pornography, not to mention the way the story is more mature and do not deserve consumed by children under the age of 17 years.

To overcome this problem, experts recommend that children are not allowed to buy the game alone, they must be accompanied by their parents when they bought the game. Parents are also required to consider issues arising from the achievements of children playing games such as the decline. The experts also do not forget to mention that the use of a rating system for games on the market should be reviewed.

A. Then, as a parent, what can you do?
* Save the game console or computer in an easily supervised by parents. Do not put the game console or a computer in his room.
* Make sure children do not play computer games that cater to adults.
* Note the rating in the box with the game and parents should see the purchased game content so parents can judge whether it fits the game played by children or not.
* Talk to children about the games they play and watch how they affect children.
2. If you are installing a home internet connection, you can also keep an eye on its use by children by:
* Use parent’s choice – control that is typically offered by many internet service providers.
* Installing the software to automatically shut down sites that are not intended for children.
* Program to monitor and track Internet usage by children.

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