How to Take Apart Ps3 Console

Find out step by step on how you actually can open up your Playstation three console.

If your PS3 leave it on one static place for long period of time, dirt and smudges will accumulate surrounding your PS3 console. This cause your PS3 overheating happen where large amount of thermal heat which generate by Sony PS3 internal supercomputer not able to spread out as air flow blocked by dust. This the main reason where PS3 ylod (yellow light of death) light blinking problem.Keep on reading on below articles and share with you how you can take apart your Playstation 3 console and clean it.

Before you start, do make sure that you PS3 console warranty still within the coverage period. This is because once you open up your PS3 console, your PS3 warranty will be void. Is good that you call to your local Sony service centre (number available on Sony PS3 official website) to double confirm on the due date. There always a risk on disassemble Ps3 console even the most experience technicians also can’t guarantee 100% safe. So, do it at your own risk.

Tool that you need to prepare:

  • 1 Small Socket Wrench
  • ¼ inch Socket
  • (1) T-10 Star Tip Point – that fits ¼ inch Socket
  • Philips Screw Driver

Step by step that you need to follow:

1. Turn off your console, make sure all the power supply source fully disconnected. Unplug all the cables and power code which connected on the back of console.

2. Now, you need to remove the warranty sticker which located side of the PS3 console. Once the sticker removed, you will notice there is a star tip screw located behind the sticker. Use the small socket wrench screwdriver to unscrew it. Do keep safe all the screws which removed, as them needed when reassembly back the console later on.

3. Then, you can easily slide down the PS3 top plate cover and remove it.

4. Once the top plate cover removed, you can notice that there are total of 7 screws located surrounding the PS3 console. More detail location can refer on the photo shoot captured on below picture. You need to remove all those 7 screws that showed as below screen shoot. Take note that they are 6 long screws & another one screw which is shorter than other.

5. Now, you can use your finger to tap toward and remove the layer plastic shell plate. You can have your PS3 console open up right now and see power supply located on your right hand side while on the left hand side is your blu- ray disc drive. Above the power supply located the memory card reader but some other PS3 memory card reader located under the plastic shell of the console.

If you still facing problem after following above tips on how to open up PS3 console, is good to consider a PS3 fix guide to help you with it. PS3fixlight is the recommended and the best PS3 guide so far, it included how to fix PS3 famous light blinking error, hard disk malfunction, PS3 HDMI cable problem, multiple PS3 error code solution, and PS3 freezing error. Ps3fixlight guide also provide 24 hours technical and consulting email support that you can get immediate res pones from professional PS3 repairs people.

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