How to Turn on The Music in Kino Der Toten Call of Duty:black Ops

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to activate the "hidden" song in the Nazi zombies map, Kino Der Toten.

First of all, there’s a clear egg-looking rock between the two stair cases. Go to the right corner, put your cross-hairs on the rock and hold “x.” Your character should now say “oh, i found a rock.” Now for the second one, if you unlock the door at the top of the right stair case, continue unlocking the doors until you get to the room right before the amphitheatre. Behind the Mpk5 on the wall, there should be a different looking rock on a stand type thing. Its black, with red veins. Hold x on this rock and your character should say “i found another rock, but no vodka!.” The final third rock is located near the power switch, unlock the door, and go up both stairs. Instead of going down the other stairs on the other side of the room, go to the corner where there’s one window. On the bottom shelf of the rack to your right, you should find another rock almost identical to the second one. Put your cross-hairs on the rock and hold x, The music should start playing after the third rock is activated. The song should last around 4 rounds, and gives the game a good “killing” mood. Thank you for reading this, i hope you have fun playing black ops, and the music is good enough !

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