How to Win Goron Races in Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

If you want to upgrade your sword to the Gilded Sword, then you will need to find the Gold Dust. After you get the Gold Dust, return it to the smith in the mountains to forge the Gilded Sword. Follow the tips below to find the Gold Dust.

For you to win the Goron Races in Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask you must first complete a series of steps. You need to change the Snowhead Mountains into the spring. To do this, you have to defeat Goht inside of Snowhead Temple. After this defeat, the winter in the mountains will be over and you will be able to go after the Gold Dust. You’ll still need to do a couple of other things in this Legend Of Zelda game before you get this item. Be warned, the Goron Races are not for amateur Zelda players.

Remember in Goron Village where there was a huge piece of ice covering a cave opening? You need to return here to get the Powder Keg. Once you’ve got that you need to take it to the huge silver boulder that is on the road to Goron Village. This is the area where there is two bridges, a hole with a hot spring, and previously where the frozen elder was. You need to travel to the right area here, with the Powder Keg, and use this item to blow up the boulder. Once you do that, you can finally access the Goron Racetrack and get the Gold Dust.

After you blast the boulder away the Legend Of Zelda racetrack in Majora’s Mask will be opened. There are not too many racing games in the Legend Of Zelda games, but in this one there is. Remember its a requirement that it has to be spring time for you to go to the Goron Racetrack. And you need to be in the Goron Link form when you go to this area. The Goron Racetrack is a very difficult part of this Zelda Nintendo game. It’s probably gonna take you a million times or more to get it, but please don’t give up. Not one million really, but a lot of tries. The Goron Races take most players a long time to finish, so don’t feel bad.

Here are some tips to use when you go to the Goron races. It’s a great recommendation that you have the magic meter upgrade for the Goron Racetrack. When you are rolling as a Goron, you’ll be using a lot of your magic. Just like in the previous Legend Of Zelda 3D game, you can also upgrade your magic meter here. To do that, you need to find all of the stray fairies in Snowhead Temple, and then visit the Great Fairy at Snowhead to get double the magic power. This will help you out a lot in your search for the Gold Dust.

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