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Its From the makers of Dota. Its played like DOTA/HON,  if you know those games then you would love this game. if you dont know then the rules are simple. there are two teams one blue and one purple. the Point of the game is to go to each others base and distroy what is called the Nexus/capture each others points. There are three maps Twisted Treeline, Summoners Rift, and Dominion. Both Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift are the same which is to destroy each others Nexus, but towers are guarding them so you must first distroy the towers. Twisted Treeline is a smaller map which can take to about 20-30minutes and only has 3 v 3 and contains 2 lanes. Summoners Rift on the other hand is a way bigger map, its a 5 v 5 till the end, and the end can be as long as 1 hour and 30 minutes which i have experienced or as short as 20 minutes, also has 3, 2 players on bottom and top and 1 player in the middle. Dominion in the other hand is a fast pase game which takes a short amount of time. you gain more money in this map and start of at lvl 3. the point of this mape is to capture each others points and hold it as long as possible. the point is to capture as much points as you can before the other team does.

Summoners Rift

minimap.jpg (314×313)

Twisted Treeline

TwistedTreeline.png (751×751)


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