Left Four Dead Two Stratigies

This is what I would personally do in Left four Dead two Strategy wise… comment if you have other opinions.

In the two Left 4 Dead games released to the public today, the main goal of the survivors is to escape the area that is infected… alive.  This can easily be accomplished by using these techniques.

  • First, you have to use your time wisely, zombies reappear in areas that you have killed them in while you’re not in the safe rooms.  This can impact your efficiency and ultimately deplete your health packs/ pain pill supply.
  • GO SLOWLY, though consider the tip above, don’t go rushing head first into a new area.  You can easily die by the special infected.
  • DON’T STARTLE THE WITCH, though it may be comical or funny at times, reserve this for when you’re playing with your friends… when you do this, you’re just asking for trouble.
  • Heal only when you have to.  There is only a certain amount that a health pack will recover, no matter how hurt your character is.
  • Carry health packs, not anything else… though a defibrillator is good at times, carry health packs most of your journey.
  • TURN OFF THE ALARM, whenever the computer alerts you of the horde, kill whatever is  attracting the zombies… Also don’t shoot the cars that have alarms… you could regret this later.

Following these tips will help you succeed and earn XBL achievements… 


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