Legends of Avalon


The majority of downloadable games now always show the game is simple and can be completed in a short time. That is why very few RPG games like faery found: Legendary of Avalon made ​​by Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Focus Home Interactive.

This is a special terberu RPG game available for XBLA and PSN platform, where you play a character that can be customized (for boys and faery elves for girls) are assigned to protect the world from destruction Avalon.

The most striking feature is the systems ability / skill that not only changed penamilan but also gives new power to your character. In addition to character customization system, the game also featured a companion feature where players can recruit up to 6 characters.

Also explained that the developer of this game system also has a romance, in which the player choices and actions can affect the feelings of their companions.

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