Leona Tank Build

Leona Tank Build.

Leona Tank Build

if you don’t know who is Leona Here is picture about him.

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Hello and welcome to Leona, The radiant dawn Build. Leona is new champion in league of legends and he is very powerful so I suggest you to play with it! He also has very powerful abilities and passive. I have been playing him for last 3 days and I strongly recomend eveyone to play with this champion if you want to win in league of legends – or atleast kill many people. (I can’t guarrantee a win for you if you play with this champion but, I am saying that it is very good champion and very powerful.

So Here is the build for Leona! Make sure you will follow the build correctly otherwise you will fail playing as Leona!

Anyways that was all from me I hope you liked it!


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