Mafia Wars: The Addictive Game

Why Mafia Wars is so addicting…

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Recently I joined Tagged and there was something that caught my eyes right after I logged into my account.

Mafia Wars” was there and I was wondering, what the heck is “Mafia Wars“.

There was a hint that it was a game.

Turned out it was really a game, developed by Zynga and I was like, what?

A game in Tagged? Ok, reminded me of Facebook and Friendster, whatsoever. You know those applications and all those similar stuff.

So, I had a peek and right after that I was addicted to the game.

If you know what I am talking about, the game is truly addicting, especially for someone like me, who spend a lot of time online working and playing all the time.

The thing about Mafia Wars is that it is about mafia and you will have to act like one (imagination).

Nah, at first look, it is just like any other game.

I have no idea why I am so addicted to the game at first but I guess it is just a phase that will pass by soon.

Just like everything else, we are always attracted to new discoveries.

There are many other games on the internet such as Travian and Evony but Mafia Wars has its own uniqueness.

So Why Mafia Wars is so addicting?

1. It is special

2. People are bored

3. People dream of becoming a mafia

4. Games are for killing time

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

You can find Mafia Wars on Facebook, Tagged, iPhone and Yahoo.

So, whether you are on Tagged of Facebook you can play the game anytime and if you are using iPhone, you can play this game all the time.

I guess this is a trend that such games would be emerging in the market in big quantity and every gamer would be addicted to the games.

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  1. Posted October 31, 2009 at 7:17 am

    Why people are addicted with Zynga’s Mafia Wars?

    When Hobbes, Rousseau, Locke and other famous thinkers coined the term social contract, we never had the chance to rationalize our “state of nature” or our natural ways of dealing with other people. The “state of nature” describes how we use our animal instincts in order to survive and out power other people.

    As the social order was established to protect life, liberty, and property, a set of rules and penalties also arose that deter us from using our “state of nature” to outclass or kill our opponents.

    However, underground societies still use the \”state of nature\” as their main defensive and offensive mechanism to survive in the social order. One of the most popularized of these societies is the mafia. Members of this famous organization or family vary from the grassroots soldiers up to the big boss or the Godfather. Yet, the purpose of being a member is to be well connected in terms of politics and power. Many members come from the marginalized members of the society to which they want to escape. The idea is logical yet unlawful: kill in order to survive.

    Zynga has captured this idea in their famous game in Facebook and other social sites, Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars is a game of pure power and gratitude building attitude towards other member of the family. But why are we addicted? The answer is simple: it is but a game making it legal but the idea of killing, robbing, superiority and power is still there. Hence, we are practicing our “state of nature” unintentionally.

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