Magicka Game Review for Gamers

The game is nothing but fun so I can say that is a pretty good game to play and would recommend it to gamers who enjoy this type of game. Have fun playing!

I just now used the past five hours enjoying this video game through single-player mode with my friend and we certainly cannot stop laughing at how ridiculous this video game is (while getting a great deal of enjoyment!). It does not take itself seriously at all. A hilarious storyline with many references to movies, games, and pop culture who evolves progressively more absurd as the game progresses.

There’s no leveling in the single player mode and no genuine inventory method. You do get different wands, staffs, and swords in the game. They have their own properties that help supplement the magic system mentioned below. If you are using co-op and you die, you drop all of your apparatus. Your friends may bring back you with a spell; however, they still may not until they take your nice sparkly tools!

The magic system is superbly accomplished. You are granted eight selectable elements (fire, water, cold, arcane, earth, lightning, shield, life) which could merge with each other, except if they’re opposite of each other — they cancel each other available. You’re able to combine as much as six of any element to generate a spell (some element combos generate new elements!) and in addition they all have a variety of forms. You obtain a different kind through casting it on yourself, your sword, on a location, or just aiming it for a ranged assault. This results in a lot of numerous combos and possibilities with the magic system.

It also results in plenty of WHOOPS when you accidentally killed yourself like summoning a meteor. This is awesome whenever it actually is your friend which does this. It is also amazing to freeze your companion and kill him or her simply because he or she just used that wicked staff that deflects ranged assaults. There will be plenty of random riotous times because of the wacky magic system.

I did experience some bugs in enjoying this video game. I have gotten a few crashes to desktops when I started the game, but not one while playing through the single-player setting. We additionally experienced some strange parts such as being able to miss a number of sections of a level mainly because we unintentionally blew each other up onto other areas. I’m not sure if that was intended by the designers. It seems as if the designers are patching every day presently, but I haven’t touched on the web multiplayer yet so I am assuming that’s where a lot of the glitches exist.

Liked it
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