Make Your Own FPS Shooter Game Without Coding

Have you ever wondered how you could easily create your own FPS game? Well read more to find out!

Have you ever wondered how you could easily create your own FPS game? Well these days you don’t even need to have any coding experience to create a FPS shooter. These days you can just use FPS creator. FPS creator does all of the hard work for you and lets you do the fun work. You get to design the map, insert guns, customize game settings, characteristics of your enemies and much more. Then when you want to play or build the final game with one single click you are done.

You can even make multiplayer games with ease, but this feature is kind of boring due to the program not supporting teams, objectives, bazookas and grenades, but you can always download a easy to use mod that will enable all of these features!

If by any chance you want to use more models, sounds, textures or segments you can create your own easily. Some easy to use programs for FPS creator are:

  • Firma V2: Free edition – Used to create rooms and signs with just couple of clicks!
  • Wings 3D: Used to create your custom 3D models. Easy to learn and handle.
  • Animated HUD maker (coming soon!): Used to create easily animated HUDs. Click here!
  • FPSC IP: used to connect multiple multiplayer levels into one game, OR connect a singleplayer with a multiplayer game. Free to use. Click Here!

There are currently to versions of FPS creator. FPS Creator X9 and FPS Creator X10. X9 is the oldest version, and it runs on Windows 2000 and XP. X10 Requires you to have Vista (Windows 7 I tried out once, but it lagged very much) and a DirectX 10 Graphics card.

All games created with FPS Creator can be sold or used anyway you want.


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