Mass Effect Two and The Sims Two Can Play Via Browser

Mass Effect two and The Sims two Can Play via Browser.

There’s a new way to play the game, namely through a browser. Not the flash-based games like in general, but a classmate Mass Effect 2, The Sims 2 even Dead Space 2.

Yes, games can be played through the browser is now more diverse. Gaikai, one web-based service providers now deliver OnLive, which is a feature that allows users to be able to play computer games without the need to perform the installation as usual.

Collection of games that can be played also quite diverse and somewhat updated. Call it Mass Effect 2, The Sims 2, Spore, Second Life and Dead Space 2, which was recently launched. But keep in mind, to play the game needed an adequate internet connection.

“Our goal is for gamers to try games that they want before buying,” said David Perry, CEO Gaikai via its official blog.

In addition, Perry also claims that this is the only service in the world where users can stream data with large capacity.

“No one else in the world that has achieved this. Technically, this would be the most advanced advertising and interactive than ever before,” he added.

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