Medieval Two Total War: America’s Campaign Guide

A guide to the America’s campaign.

Medieval 2 Americas campaign is very hard to play. As the Spanish, your main goal is to grab as many settlements as possible and upgrade your rank with the Spanish Consulate. As the Americans, you are to attack the other American factions and take as many settlements as possible. You should also strive to win as a faction to unlock all the other factions.

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As the Spanish, you need to gain your monarch’s support. To do this, you must finish missions, winning battles, conquering settlements destroying other factions and earning money. When you get a better title, you will have access to more things such as buildings, troops and agents.

In battle, you will need more troops to take down the overly large American armies. So you need mercenaries. To get mercenaries, you will need to create alliances with the Americans. Try to use a lot of cavalry , especially Conquistadors, as most troops that the Americans use are heavy infantry. But don’t overload your armies with them as the Americans also have spearmen!

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As the empire factions, you will great technology. You will be able to build good buildings like aqueducts and pyramids. I recommend building pyramids as they make your population happier if you do yearly sacrifices. Health related buildings are not as important.

In your armies, use a lot of archers and heavy infantry against other American armies and spearmen and archers against the Spanish. But try to use a variety.

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As the tribes, do not try to attack the Spanish to gain horses, but attack the French and English that arrive later in the game to gain the “new technology”. As a tribe faction, use “War Paths” to gain extra cash and traits and retinues for your generals, family members. Use spies to see further out as settlements are spread further apart. Remember to keep the unloyals close as settlements are spread out very far apart.

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