“Meinkraft” is designed for single-player game with multiplayer game option. The game was developed – by Marcus Nottz’ Persson and is now being developed – by the company “Mojang”, created after the game. Game you can build a different building blocks, cut resources, travel the world and in the tunnels, fight monsters and three-dimensional world everything is infinite. Interested in knowing more about the game? Read the review! 


Title: ”Meinkraft” / “Minecraft”. 
Genre: Indie, Adventure. 
Developer: Marcus Nottz’ Jefferson, “Mojang”. 
Release date: May 17, 2009. 
Price: beta: € 14.95 (~ $ 21), classic version for free. 


“Meinkraft” is an independent adventure game with multiple option – Featuring an open world, which runs on Java platform. The game was created – by Marcus Nottz’ Persson and developed by “Mojang”. Game two versions: Classic version you can play it for free, but it allows only free construction, and survival should buy version allows many options such as quarrying of resources, killing monsters, growing wheat, creating objects and more. The game is designed for all ages and gained many fans – about 3.3 million people bought the game so far and after the great success of this game many games have been developed based on the game trying to get the sympathy of the people. 

A world which to explore and shape as you wish. 

Game, but from the outside world, there are also many caves under the earth, which the content is a whole world. Stone caves can be found in abundance and types of scarce resources: coal, iron, gold, Redstone, Pease and diamond. With these resources you can create many useful objects such as torches, pick an enhanced, color wool, railways and trains, and more. In addition, the caves have not only resources but also the occasional dangerous monsters in the dark, like skeletons, zombies, gels and Krifrim.Tunnels and occupy much of the game interesting and covers an area much.In addition, tunnels can be found in lava lakes are unique, and of course, very dangerous player and the rest of the monsters and animals. 

Lava lake inside the cave, and beside a small waterfall. You can see in the picture also coal, Redstone and gold. 

Game is a special resource, Redstone, which simulates real power and which you can build various complex systems. Redstone in its natural form found in the caves and see a cube with red dots. Using this resource can be connected to power sources, turn or push objects that move other objects, create hidden doors, a bridge built by himself and many more sophisticated systems. Which you can run an entire system with one button. One of the amazing systems built with it is a calculator, which was built using a great amount of Redstone and especially thinking. 

Redstone a particularly complex system creates an account. 

In summary, the game “Meinkraft” He plays with a lot of options of construction, exploration and imagination. The game is very simple and can be suitable for all ages, both small and great, and lets play in a relaxed and enjoyable. I really liked the game, especially the multi-version participants.The game is a creative game with many building options that allows to create what comes to mind. 

Liked it
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