This will just be describing how minecraft is a great game to play. For those who do not know what minecraft is then I will tell you.

Hello world! I am here to tell you about minecraft and how awesome it is! Before I start though, I wanna ask you how long have you been playing minecraft or do you even know what it is? If you have been playing for a long time then this is a big waste of time for you because you will just be reading what you constantly playing. But if you do not know, minecraft is a game that only consists of blocks. That’s right, only blocks. Cubes. You are probably thinking “Well if the game is just blocks, why do people buy it everyday?” Well you will soon learn that minecraft is more than just blocks. What happens is you are a player in this game (duh) and you can do 3 modes. Creative Mode which means you can do whatever you want; Survival Mode which means that you will trying to survive like in “Real-Life” in a sense; and Adventure Mode which means that the player cannot destroy or put blocks down. So basically those are the modes that will be used later.

But anyways, Minecraft is a game where you will be in one of those modes (usually survival) to break blocks and place blocks how you want them. It sounds lame but once you play or watch others play you learn more about what to do and all of that junk. There are many different types of blocks in the game which can be found on minecraft wiki (http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki) and that will tell you information about minecraft and how to play and what to do. They have now made minecraft so that you can actually beat it. Before you could not beat the game. It was just a game where you could break and build blocks to make building or random creations. 

The reason that most people find it fun to play is because of how stupid it is. Literally all you are doing is placing blocks in a certain spot for building reasons or to make a chain reaction. Also, you realize that whenever you play minecraft, you get hooked on it and adicted to the game. Some examples of making chain reactions is going in and placing TNT blocks in random spots then making “a fuse” as in have TNT in a row all the to where you are going to light it from like a normal fuse. Then it will explode and explode the one next to it and etc. It is actually really cool if you can do it correctly. Well it is fun anyways and kinda cool because you are watching something blow up that you just lite.

But anyways that is minecraft and why it is fun. Go to more forums/articles explaining why minecraft is fun because trust me it is quite fun. I am just not sure on how to describe many things in minecraft. Also, check out that link above to explain the game of minecraft and items and blocks and all that junk in minecraft on that page. Thank you! :D   P.S. it is on both Mac and PC!!

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    Many adults play Minecraft because they like the strategy aspect of it:

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