Minecraft Abc’s

Learn how to start a world on minecraft.

Ever feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have minecraft?  That can change.  First, you need to get the game.  You can download it off of minecraft.net.  It costs $20, but it is worth it.  Once you have the game, make a copy on your desktop, and click on it.  A folder should pop up.  In the bottom right corner in tiny blue letters, it says, need account?  Click on it.  IT should pop up with a registration page.  Fill in your new username, password, and email.  Click submit query.  IT should then take you back to the folder.  If it hasn’t already inputted your information, type in your username and password.  you can read the notes above to learn about updates in minecraft where they just add new stuff, and make it better.  Click login.  If login fails, you can try again or play offline.  Now a new folder should appear, with the minecraft logo, a weird phrase, and buttons that say single player, multi-player, texture packs, options, and quit game.  In single player mode, you play by yourself.  In multi-player mode, you may join a server, and play with other people.  Texture packs are just cool ways of making minecraft look real-life, or different.  This can prevent minecraft from getting boring.  Mods can also be downloaded to add new things to minecraft, to make it cool.  But for now, just start off playing regular minecraft.  In options, you can adjust or apply different options, that adjust levels of sound and volume, change difficulty, and change video settings and controls.  Once you are done messing around with the options, click done.  Quit game just gets you back to your desktop.  For now, click single player.  click create new world.  Enter in your world name that you want, and chose survival or creative.  In survival, you have health, and finite blocks.  You have to mine everything you want.  That is why survival games can be very impressive.  In creative mode, you have no health, and infinite blocks.  You can build anything.  For more options, click more world options.  Click create new world.  In minecraft, you also have hunger, and xp, which can enable enchanting, which makes tools better.  At the very bottom, you have your inventory bar.  It shows what you have in your instant inventory.  You can press I to see your full inventory.  You can press escape to view achievements and statistics.  You will spawn in some random place.  First, you need to mine wood.  Simply walk up to a tree, and left click hold on a piece of wood.  Press I and take the wood, and put it in one of the boxes on the left.  On the right, it should appear with four wooden planks.  Press shift+left click, so the planks get into your inventory.  now take the four planks, and deposit one to each of the boxes on the left.  A crafting table should appear on the right.  Press shift+left click to get it into the inventory.  Now press I and scroll until you have the crafting table in your hand.  right click on a block.  Now go mine another 2 pieces of wood.  Right click the crafting table.  Make eight more wooden planks.  With two of your planks, place 2 in a row vertically.  There should be 4 sticks.  Place two sticks on the bottom middle, and middle of your crafting table.  Place three wooden planks on the top.  You should now have a wooden pickaxe.  You can now mine some stone, and make a stone pickaxe by replacing the wooden planks with cobblestone.  For more information on crafting recipes and minecraft info, go to minecraft wiki.  

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