Minecraft – Analysis

An analysis of the famous Indie game, "Minecraft" created by Notch and company.


Search, Find, Build 

These are the 3 first words to mind when I think of Minecraft, a famous indie game created last year, 2010, the game itself is difficult to summarize because it is a game “sandbox”. 

What do I mean by sandbox? 

It is a game that no objective, no missions, the missions put yourself. 

For starters, you need to find wood and build you a home, because if you do the monsters like zombies, skeletons that shoot arrows, Creepers (explanation below) and others will come out at night to find you. 

After surviving the first night must create a mine, you should look that mine precious minerals such as coal, iron, gold and more important but harder to find, the Diamond. 

After that it is up to you as the game goes, you go about building great temples and castles, make pixelart, whatever you want. 

Graphics: Excellent graphics as games of 1990, but in 3D first person, but very consumer and is written in “Java” and despite the fact that graphics are simple, you need a powerful computer. 

I give it an 8, Excellent graphics but little stability and bugs. 

Gameplay: A point at analyzing something hard, you have 4 main actions, jump, run, build, destroy, move besides of course, but that’s not all, the game features an incredible system of electrical connections using the so-called “Redstone” , which would become the electric circuits with automated systems they can do with buttons and open doors to a CPU of 4 bytes, so if you’re into electronics of this game comes in handy addition. 

A 9, easily get lost in the woods or get materials to build. 

Sound: Oh no, this is his weak point, slowly relaxing music during the day and the sounds of zombies unknown scary caves in the range of monsters you can find:

Zombie: A classic, need I explain? 

Skeleton: Equipped with a bow and arrows, attack range and is weak 

Creeper: This is chasing you and when it explodes close to you, commit suicide. 

Spider: Climb walls, sink and while you are poisoning your life down for a while. 

A 7. 

Final Score: 8, Set for creative and adventurous, has no limits!, A house of earth to a complicated system of complex connections indecipherable!

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