Minecraft Day 22

My adventures…

Today I finally finished off my house. If you have been following my Minecraft articles you would know that I got out of the Minecraft mood for a couple of days having been blown up by a creeper at the front of my house, in which I had been working on for a very long time. I recently actually have made the descion that I am going to disable creepers fairly soon. But yes, I did finish my house and I will have interior and exterior pictures of that in future coming articles. But besides my house a lot of people have been playing on the server. Even though I do host the server I am not even sure who some of the people are that are on it anymore. Its always a suprise to see whos on when I sign on now. I like this because it is cool to know many people count on me for the server and I more or less started a mini sort of Minecraft trend and hot streek. Well I dont have much today as I have not taken much pistures yet of my huge house. You can view some old exterior pictures in my Minecraft either day 20 or day 21 Im not sure. Well thanks for reading and stay tuned!!

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