Minecraft – Finding Servers

Find Minecraft servers easily.

To find out why minecraft is so popular click here:


To find wolves easily click here:


Sometimes you get bored of singleplayer or are banned from servers for an odd reason and struggle to find a new one. Well, this should give you a few links to finding minecraft servers easily.

For classic servers there is the list for them on the Minecraft site:


There is also the forums:


Survival servers are harder to find. This link has a rating system where people rate the servers so you can find the best servers and notice the worst ones. It shows the nationality of the server which reduces lag and most probabaly the timezone of the admins. It also shows the ping of servers, the better, the less lag. The uptime is shown aswell, this can tell you if it has alot of downtime or not.

Link to the server list:


There also is the forums:


I play this servers ip:


Type that into your multiplayer server option and find me!

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